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Garage Door Maintenance Tips: Get Ready for Winter

Sadly, our summer time fun has come to an end and now it’s time to get back to business. The crisp fall months bring about an air of fresh motivation that kicks us into overdrive. Not only are we preparing for back-to-school and the upcoming holiday season, but it’s also time to start hunkering down and readying ourselves for the chilly winter months to come. Prepping for the winter can come in many shapes and sizes: stocking up your pantry, completing home maintenance, replenishing savings account, etc. One of the most-important home appliances that needs to be inspected and serviced prior to the cold weather setting in is your garage door. The garage door is oftentimes the largest and most-frequently used appliance in the home, so finding a reliable garage door maintenance professional is crucial. That’s where American Best Garage doors comes in. At American Best Garage Doors with work with suppliers like Clopay and LiftMaster to ensure that the components of your garage door will run smoothly and effectively. If you do happen to run into an issues with your garage door, we can help you with all the pertinent repairs and service to keep your garage door running smoothly all year long.

Garage Door Springs; Should you Spring into Action?Should you Spring into Action

Garage door springs are a finicky component of your garage door. The springs help to open the garage door by winding and unwinding (torsion springs) or extending and retracting (extension springs) to assist in opening the garage door. Since they are responsible for aiding in opening and closing the garage door, they are under a great amount of tension due to the weight of the door. This means a garage door spring is an extremely dangerous object that can cause serious harm. Your best bet is to call a reliable and professional garage door company like American Best Garage Doors to assist you with all your garage door spring repairs and maintenance. Before winter settles in, it’s wise to have your garage door springs inspected, adjusted, and serviced to ensure you don’t run into any surprise service needs. As a homeowner, it’s in your best interest to tackle minor repairs and maintenance ahead of time to avoid large, costly repairs in the future. American Best Garage Doors has an entire team of garage door spring service experts who are more than happy to come out to inspect your garage door and provide a free estimate of services needed.

Weatherstripping to Weather the Storm

Now that fall has started, chilly and wet weather is sure to pay us a visit. Weatherstripping is a quality, cost-efficient way to keep drafts, debris and even moisture out of your garage and home. Something as simple as sealing any gaps around your garage door can save you a fortune on heating and cooling bills over the year. In addition to help regulate the temperature within your home, weatherstripping can also help to keep unwanted pests from entering your property due to the additional barrier it creates. Following proper garage door maintenance schedules can help you ensure your door is sealed and working as efficiently as possible. Feel free to reach out to American Best Garage Doors for all of your garage door repair and weather-proofing needs, our technicians are available 7 days a week to ensure constant availability!

Keep That Garage Door Opener Opening!

A garage door opener is one of the most-convenient features that can be applied to your garage door. An opener can transform a heavy, manual door into a smooth-operating automatic door with the help of expert installation from a professional like American Best Garage Doors.  If you already have an opener installed on your garage door, keeping up with its routine maintenance is crucial, especially when going from one season to the next. At American Best Garage Doors, we recommend taking time out to listen to your opener as it operates, look at any gears, screws, or pulleys to ensure they’re moving smoothy, and always ensure that there’s nothing blocking the bottom of the door or obstructing the sensors from operating correctly. Whether you have a brand new LiftMaster opener you want calibrated, an older Chamberlain opener you need repaired, or if you’re interested in switching from a manual to an automatic garage door, we can help! Give us a call anytime you feel as though there may be a malfunction with your garage door opener as time is always of the essence, and catching a flaw before it has a chance to fester will certainly save you money on maintenance and repairs. We take great pride in providing our customers with reliable garage door maintenance services on their openers and all components of their garage doors!

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